The home is where the Dot is!

The home is where the Dot is!

[hashtag] better together

The home is where the Dot is. We're attentive to one another, even when we're swamped with projects. Even amidst tight deadlines, we always find a moment for a kind word to each other. Team work is drea... you know the drill! :)

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Dot life

Dot is, what it is. If needed, it's a family you return home to. If needed, it's a friend from whom you go home smiling. Coffee, laughter, dogs, and parties. #doyouneedmore?

glowing effect

That’s all folks!

DO iT better, the phrase rings true

Not just a scripture, fifty-fifty view 

Grasp the meaning, our target's set: 

To enhance today, with less regret

Do iT better